In Review: Killjoys – O Mother, Where Art Thou?

With D'avin having left, Dutch and Johnny are left to follow the hidden pulsar in Khlyen's mysterious story that leads them to discover an unexpected past - including the origins of the assassin. 

Synopsis: With D’avin having left, Dutch and Johnny are left to follow the hidden pulsar in Khlyen’s mysterious story that leads them to discover an unexpected past – including the origins of the assassin.

Review: Dutch and Johnny head to the Pulsar where they learn much about the origin of the assassin that Khlyen implanted into Dutch’s memories of her first meeting with Johnny. The mystery assassin turns out to be Aneela’s mother who looks in amazing shape given that she is 250 years old.

Elsewhere Pree successfully rescues his husband and completes his mission for Turin. The Killjoys now have the Hullen occupied RAC under surveillance.

The Story

Thus far things are going at a nice pace with regards to the shows ongoing story arc and there are some wonderfully funny moments in this episode. I continue to find Johnny’s ongoing banter with Lucy the ships AI to be a never-ending source of amusement. You’d think they were a married couple.

I also enjoyed Pree’s rescue of his husband and how their escape from the Hullen occupied RAC played out. Turin’s pet Hullen who is trying to understand humans provides some laugh out loud moments.

Also enjoyable and very dramatic was Dutch’s meeting with her grandmother.

Karen Glave puts in a solid performance as Dutch’s grandmother and the flashbacks between her and Khlyen do a great job of providing some very important backstory in regards to the Hullen and The Lady.

The closing moments leave us with the realization that The Lady is working to take on human form and has her own uncorrupted supply of green.

The Acting

As mentioned above. Karen Glave puts in a wonderful performance as Dutch’s grandmother and provides one of the most poignant moments of the series when she asks Dutch to give Aneela an honorable death if she is unable to save her.


This was a successfully executed episode, which set up what it needed to set up while still managing to entertain and thrill. Next week’s episode looks like it could potentially be even better as Johnny and Dutch race to try and save D’avin from making an awful mistake.

Killjoys - O Mother, Where Art Thou?
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