In Review: Killjoys – Run, Yala, Run

The Killjoys are back for a final series of adventures.

Synopsis: Dutch realizes The Lady has put Westerley under a collective delusion and in a world without memory, nothing is what it seems.

Review: Friday night saw the return of Killjoys to Syfy in what will be its fifth and final season.

The Story

Picking the story up from last season. Dutch and her team having attempted to trap the Lady in the Green have failed. The lady got out at the last minute and was somehow able to place Dutch and the others into some sort of mass hypnosis in which they are all living rather idealized versions of their lives.

In this fake life, Dutch is going by her real name of Yala and is married to Johnny are married. Yala runs the bar while Johnny works at the local plant, which deals with dangerous chemicals, most likely the Green. D’avin is a Killjoy and is on a mission to find his son Jaq, who seems to be the only thing that threatens The Lady. And Pree is now an Enforcement officer for the RAC.

When she kisses D’avin and has a flash of memory Dutch begins to wake up to the fact that she is not living her real life and begins to take steps to figure out what is up. To that end, she finds Zeph, who is already somewhat awake to the fact that something is wrong.

Zeph figures out that the Killjoys and their friends are being kept within this mass hallucination via a combination of things ranging from bracelets, showers and the rain.

Meanwhile, Delle Seyah Kendry and Jaq are the only ones that are not trapped in the hallucination and are looking to go after The Lady.

The Acting

There are a few great performances in this opening episode. Hannah John-Kamen shows us a softer side to Dutch via Yala, which is interesting to see. I enjoyed how she portrayed the realization that this is not her real life and her scenes with Kelly McCormack’s Zeph were fantastic viewing.


This was a really strong opening episode, which sees our favorite character living completely different lives than what we are used to seeing. I loved seeing Pree as a less charismatic version of himself as a Law Enforcement officer for the RAC.

I also enjoyed the set up of how Westerley was depicted in the opening seconds of the episode as we slowly got into how this new version operated.

I also enjoyed Lily Gail Reid portrayal of the child version of The Lady.

Killjoys - Run, Yala, Run
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