In Review: Killjoys – Sporemageddon

Dutch braces herself for a final confrontation in greenspace in an attempt to stop The Lady from breaking through into the Quad and the rest of the universe.

Synopsis: Dutch braces herself for a final confrontation in greenspace in an attempt to stop The Lady from breaking through into the Quad and the rest of the universe. Back in the Quad and buried in her work Zeph makes a horrifying discovery of a threat to all of Westerly.

Review: This season finale has it all and leaves things on a cliffhanger, which will have fans chomping at the bit for next years final season. I’ve literally chewed half my sofa already.

The Story

[Spoilers Ahead]

Picking things up from last week. Dutch has just switched places with Aneela in an effort to execute a daring plan, which if works could save the entire Quad. To this end, Aneela talks D’avin and Johnny into returning to Greenspace with her in order to use the spore to finish off the lady and get Dutch back out again. This plan meets with a little resistance from Turin, but eventually, they go on in.

Back in old town, Pree falls ill and so do the parents of the rescued children, which gives Zeph a new scientific mystery to grapple with, but by the time she finds a cure for this mysterious ailment the damage is already done. Pree has lost his memory and so has everyone that has been afflicted with the virus, which suggests that they could well be future host bodies for The Lady. By the time Zeph figures this out. Her memory goes as well.

In Greenspace Dutch, D’avin and Johnny find themselves separated and have to find each other before hooking up with Aneela to take down The Lady. Aneela is banking on D’avin’s resistance to the Green as a means of delaying The Lady long enough for them to activate the spore and get out. Things don’t exactly go to plan. After a final confrontation with Aneela. The Lady is able to trick D’avin, Dutch and Johnny into helping her escape, which kills Aneela in the process. The Killjoys have unwittingly helped their worst nightmare escape and with all those blank minds within Westerly. The lady has a new playground with which to do her worst.

The Acting

Hannah John-Kamen pulls double duty this week as both Dutch and Aneela and makes the whole process look effortless. I particularly enjoyed the stand-off between Turin and the boys and the back and forth between Aneela and Zepth.

Aaron Ashmore also brings his best game to the field and has some particularly testing scenes to play with while Johnny is in the Green reliving the memory of Pewter’s death. Much of the memories that the team relives in the Green is footage from previous seasons. But the parts with Johnny and Pewter have a little new footage as The Lady who is pretending to be Pewter tries to manipulate Johnny into staying with her.


A really strong season finale, which sets things up for next years fifth and final season.

The only question is. How will the team defeat The Lady given that she already seems to have taken control of the Quad?

Killjoys - Sporemageddon
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