In Review: Killjoys – The Lion, The Witch & The Warlord

When Johnny is celebrating having reach Level 5. A 'R.A.C' agent serves him with a warrant for the murder of Delle Seyah Kendry. 

Synopsis: When Johnny is celebrating having reach Level 5. A ‘R.A.C’ agent serves him with a warrant for the murder of Delle Seyah Kendry.

Review: At last we begin to see some repercussions for Johnny’s actions from the tail end of season two. When an agent tries to arrest him for the murder of Kendry. Johnny, Dutch and Pree make a run for it and head to an ice moon, which is occupied by an outlaw army known as the Ferran.

As the episode develops we learn that Pree under another name was once the leader of the Ferran.

While Dutch, Pree and Johnny are in hiding. D’Avin sets about investigating the murder and learns that Kendry did not die.

Elsewhere the Hullen Armada is still traversing space and Aneela is teaching Seyah Kendry how to use the green source goo of the Hullen to look back through her memories.

This was a great episode with some really interesting backstory for Pree. A character who is fast becoming a favourite.

It also gives Dutch some new Allies in the Ferran who after having sorted their differences out with Pree have said that they will join the fight against the Hullen.

The episode closes with an interesting and fun twist, which sees D’Avin being able to access some Hullen intelligence via meditative drugs and some Hullen goo, which allows him to virtually astral project himself onto their ship.

The problem is. Aneela can see him and does not hesitate to give him a message to give to Dutch and her friends. The message is simple, “I’m coming.”

New nerd Zeph has some fun in this episode when her nerd awquardness shines through when she enthusiastically orders D’Avin to present his nipples. She has a few funny moments in the episode, but is slightly relegated to supporting player this week as most of the action is with Dutch, Johnny and Pree.

Like many fans. I look forward to the knock down bitch fight that Aneela and Dutch will likely have.

Killjoys - The Lion, The Witch & The Warlord
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