In Review: KIlljoys – The Wolf You Feed

Dutch takes on a very personal mission in her quest for answers.

Synopsis: D’Avin and Johnny try to figure out how to fly the Hullen ships, while Dutch takes on a very personal mission in her quest for answers.

Review: Although there was very little in the way of action in this episode. It was ram packed with mythology and went some way to further explore the shows mythology while providing opportunity for D’Avin to step up and be the leader he could always be.

Picking up from last week. Zeph and Dutch have gone off on their own to test a working theory. In a nutshell Zeph has figured out a way to plant some of Aneela’s memories into Dutch and they proceed to do so in hopes that it will give them a tactical advantage.

Meanwhile D’Avin is caught in somewhat of a battle with Turin. After having lost three Hullen ships while figuring them out. Turin is getting impatient and will stop at nothing to get the Hullen technology activated.

It soon becomes apparent that D’Avin needs to talk to fancy and the cleansed in order to recruit them to help fly the Hullen ships. A task, which is made difficult by the mere fact that Turin has ruthlessly taken a load of the cleansed prisoner in order to force them to fly the ships.

Elsewhere Johnny is trying to figure out how to get back access to the ship and more importantly Lucy. The ships computer and all round operating system. Turns out that Zeph left him a back door in the form of a biological maths problem.

We learn a hell of a lot in this episode and we also see the plot get advanced to such a point that D’Avin is now in command of the Killjoys and the various factions that have joined their fight.

Additionally Dutch learns something very disturbing about her origins, which is a huge game changer for her and could well take her out of the game for awhile.

Yet again we get a brilliant acting performance from Hannah John-Kamen in her duel role of Dutch and Aneela and Kelly McCormack continues to provide some amusingly fun moments as Zeph. 

This is brilliant set up for what I hope will see some major story twists in the final few episodes. Lets hope the show manages to survive for a fourth season. Its must watch right now.

KIlljoys - The Wolf You Feed
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