In Review: Killjoys – Wargasm

It's all about the memories.

Synopsis: Dutch and her team make final preparations for war.

Review: Season 3 comes to an end as only any self-respecting killjoy can. With a bang and lots of hard and fast explosions.

However, it is in the episodes quieter moments that we get to see the quality of the shows ongoing story and world building. The episode opens with a nice bit of monologue spoken by Dutch. The speech discusses the importance of memories and the collective impact that the memories of everyone haves on the universe.

Unfortunately for our heroes. Aneela and Kendry have been a few steps ahead of them, which throws somewhat of a spanner in the works of Dutch’s plan, but ultimately works out for the good.

When Dutch is taken by Aneela and Johnny is seriously wounded. D’Avin goes after her with the help of the injured Johnny.  Unknown to them is the fact that Aneela has taken Dutch to some place private, which means that the brothers have to deal with Sayeh Kendry, which provides for a little fun.

While all of this is happening. Turin has retaken command of D’Avin’s army and is leading the battle against the Hullen.

By the close of the episode. A stalemate is pretty much forced as Johnny cleverly manipulates events to his and D’Avin’s advantage by providing Kendry with certain information.

Now it is a question of what side will win the Hullen War. Aneela’s Hullen troops or the Hullen that are led by the Lady.

One this is for certain. Aneela and Dutch are now on the same page as mother and daughter and stand ready to fight.

But what will become of the Jakobi’s and Kendry who are adrift and heading toward the sun?

The episode has some genuinely funny moments. I really enjoyed D’Avin quizzing Kendry about baby names as well as Kendry’s threats. We also get treated to some fun macho banter between Turin and Fancy, who are both thankfully on the same page now.

As season finales go. This is a pretty solid one, but as series finales go. There are just too many questions left unanswered and too many threads still hanging.Thankfully Syfy has renewed the series for another season. So we’ll learn more about the relationship developing with Aneela and Dutch next summer.

Killjoys - Wargasm
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