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When a massive timequake rocks the ship while the legends are preparing for their next destination

Synopsis: When a massive timequake rocks the ship while the legends are preparing for their next destination, they must break a cardinal rule of time travel.

Review: Legends Of Tomorrow continues to make use of the Doctor Who time travel playbook.

In order to beat the Legion Of Doom the team must go back to 1916 in order to steal the spear of destiny from themselves in order to prevent it from getting into the hands of reverse flash.

Problem is. They must limit their interactions with the 1916 versions of themselves, which proves to be damn difficult given that they get caught red handed stealing the spear.

But eventually we learn that two teams are better than one as the two lots of legends team up creating the mother of all time storms, but ultimately defeat the legion of doom.

There was a lot of fun to be had in this episode when it came to the two different versions of the Legends, but the funniest moment was when the two Mick Rory’s temporarily locked horns.

Reverse Flash not one to go down easy engineers his own downfall by getting help from different versions of himself from various different points in his life time. Little does he realise that this bold move would prove to be like catnip to Zoom who has been locked away all along, but has broken free.

The moment when Sarah faces her temptation with the spear was really well played and handled as we see a nice scene played out between Sarah and a construct of her dead sister Laurel who helps her make the correct decision.

By close of the episode Captain Cold, Damian Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn are all returned to the various points in time from where Reverse Flash plucked them. We get a nice farewell scene here between Snart and Mick. Snart is told that his eventual pennants will be to become a hero and save lives.

Of course there are consequences for the actions of the legends. First off the team is now made up of heroes from two different time lines. Secondly they have successfully created a massive knot in time, which sees 2017 having remnents of prehistory as well as elements of the far future.

This problem sets the stage nicely for season three.

This was an enjoyable episode despite the way in which they played fast and loose with time travel. We had some nice action beats as well as some great performance from the various actors.

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One Comment
    6 April 2017 at 3:01 pm -

    I must rate DCs Legends of Tomorrow Aruba as 2.00 stars out of 5.00. And that is being extremely generous. What was the point of the Spear of Destiny which makes “REALITY PERMANENT” if simple time travel can UNDO WHAT THE SPEAR ITSELF HAS DONE? Here is why this season 2 finale was DEPLORABLE from start to finish: Star Labs of Doomworld is always deserted, two teams of legends interacting with themselves in which TIME ITSELF SHOULD HAVE COMPLETELY COLLAPSED, but only one Legion of Doom in which they are about as scary and formidable as Pokémon. AN ARMY OF REVERSE FLASHES who decide to simply knock people down instead of taking out hearts killing them outright like Thawne did with Atom at the outset. An army of speedsters who attack everyone but the one person (Sara) holding the Spear of Destiny. Great job writers. And the departure of Rip Hunter. Maybe Arthur Darvill wanted off this cheesy program and I can’t blame him. To pull this show off correctly, it would require a budget that the CW is not willing to open up their wallets for. It’s CG is lame, the acting lousy, the characters don’t mesh together, (especially the forced relationships that eat up valuable screen time) and the villains were made to look like ordinary street thugs running amok from one time period to another. DCs Legends of Tomorrow season 2 was no better than season 1. They were both equally bad in their own ways and I am done watching this trailer park trash television……………….

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