In Review: Legends Of Tomorrow – Land Of The Lost

The legends are stranded in the Cretaceous period when Rip causes the Waverider to crash after his capture.

Synopsis: The legends are stranded in the Cretaceous period when Rip causes the Waverider to crash after his capture.

Review: The Legends wind up in prehistory when Rip who is still not his true self over rides Gideon and attempts to destroy the ship while making an escape. The legends have to act quickly to stop him and after Jefferson essentially reboots Gideon the ship winds up crashing in the Cretaceous period.

With the ship badly damaged and Rip still messed up in the head. The team split up.

Sara, Stein, Jefferson and Mick stay aboard the ship and figure out a way to return Rip to his normal self using the same Time Master technology, which was used of Mick. This involves Sara and Jefferson mentally linking up with Rip via a machine, which is monitored by Stein and Mick.

Meanwhile Steel, Vixen and Ray must trek across country while avoiding an angry T Rex to retrieve a part, which fell off the ship during their crash landing. This little side adventure is a fun segue that allows for the relationship between Vixen and Steel to develop, but it could well be a doomed relationship due to the fact that Vixen has her own destiny. A fact that Ray tells Steel about during a quiet moment.

Meanwhile back on the ship. Sara and Jefferson after having battled their doubles in Rips mind have found Rip and with a little help from Gideon the ships computer in avatar form. They manage to help Rip find his real self and break the spell that the Legion of Doom placed on him with the mind manipulation.

Back in the jungle the team managed to get the part for the ship, but get chased off by an angry T – Rex, but thanks to Vixen’s ability to commune with animals. The T – Rex backs off.

By the end of the episode we have Rip back in command of the ship and Sara back as second in command. It will be interesting to see how that dynamic works out over the next few episodes given that Sara pretty much took the lead when Rip was away.

This was a fun episode, but given part of it was set in prehistory. I’d have liked to have seen a few more prehistoric animals, but for obvious reasons. The shows budget. This didn’t happen.

That said. The scene in which Vixen essentially mind melds with the T – Rex was pretty awesome and the time spend in Rip’s mind was well executed.

I look forward to seeing the series with Rip in charge again, but will be disappointed if he does not have a few doubts about leading the team after such a traumatic experience, but also hope that any doubts he has are not milked and veer into soap opera territory.

Legends Of Tomorrow - Land Of The Lost
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