In Review: Legends Of Tomorrow – Turncoat

The legends must prevent the assassination of George Washington so history can run its natural course.

Synopsis: The legends must prevent the assassination of George Washington so history can run its natural course.

Review: This week the Legends wind up in America of 1776 during the height of the Revolutionary War.

There mission is fairly simple. Save George Washington from their former leader Rip Hunter who has been brainwashed by the Legion Of Doom.

There’s lots of fun and character development happening in this episode for Rory, Jackson, Stein, Nate and Amaya – but the person having the most fun is Arthur Darvill in the guise of a cold, cynical and not so nice Rip Hunter.

Rory gets to pair up with George Washington and show him what a real American should be. Which is a hell of a lot of fun. I mean Mick Rory thief and scoundrel hanging out with the founding father of the USA. Enough said.

Meanwhile while George Washington is getting schooled in the art of fighting dirty. Amaya is getting an education with regards to 21st century sexual politics and hooking up from Nate. I’m not sure how I felt about that one. But thankfully. All it seems to have been is a hook up.

Back on the ship is where a major part of the episode takes place. Jackson along with some help from Ray is having to find a way to get the ships mains back online, which is a task and a half given that they had been taking out by some sort of EMP.

While all of this is going on. Stein is working his butt off to try and save Sara’s life from a near fatal bullet wound, which was inflicted on her by Rip.

I loved this episode and really enjoyed the banter between Mick Rory and George Washington, but best of all was seeing Rip Hunter break bad.

If I have one issue with this story. It’s that it was set over Christmas, which seemed quite odd. Given that we are in February.

It’d been more fun to have maybe had this episode air in December.

For my money. ‘Legends Of Tomorrow’ continues to be the most fun out of all the CW comic book series.

Legends Of Tomorrow - Turncoat
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