In Review: Little Guardians #1

Who remembers the game Ape Escape?

Synopsis: Subria is a girl who doesn’t have a life of her own. Her father doesn’t really notice her much, and when he does, it is ony to demean her. However, a strange (and deadly looking) beast shows up in her family’s shop, and Subria’s life will probably never be the same again…also, spirits roam the world, and sometimes orbs can craft weapons.

Review: Little Guardians #1 is a cute story that seems to want to build a fun epic from its origins. The main character (or who I think the main character is) is the Cinderella of her family. She works tirelessly for her family with only their ridicule and anger as her reward (see Matilda). Establishing Subria as the unknowing center of the story is a trope, but it is a trope that works. This world is completely alien to us, so it is fun that the presumed protagonist is just as lost as we are. When Subria sees a spirit, we get the feeling that her world is about to expand exponentially. That level of wonderment and bewilderment strikes at the heart of this story. There is so much that is unsaid, and it entices us to follow this girl down the rabbit hole.

The art for Little Guardians feels light-hearted and comical. For the type of story they are attempting to weave, it seems suitable; however, there is nothing here that really wows the senses. This is not a dig at the creative team because comic creators should make the type of books that make them happy. Yes, the panel where a farmer lifts a giant zucchini over his head is funny, so the quirky art works. Conversely, there are times where I wish the characters and backgrounds were a little more detailed. That detail would go a long way to giving the world some tangibility.

Little Guardians is off to a decent start. The elements of a fun fantasy romp are there, and, with time and effort, I think this would be a great all ages book.

Little Guardians #1
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