In Review: Lucky Man – Episode 5

As Harry and Suri investigate the murder of a private member's club owner, they uncover a surprising link to another case.

Synopsis: As Harry and Suri investigate the murder of a private member’s club owner, they uncover a surprising link to another case. Plus, Lilly-Anne calls in Harry’s debt.

Review: Things pick up from where last week left off with Harry and Even held captive by a Russian who is obsessed with laying claim to Harry’s bracelet, but somehow Eve gets free and attacks the guy who occidentally shoots himself. Although it did actually look like Eve was a goner.

Shortly after being freed by Eve and having left the scene Harry is give a call from Suri who is worried because he did not call in after having chased down the perp that they were trying to catch from last weeks story.

This plot thread is soon put on hold though when Harry is drawn into another investigation, which somehow links back to Lilly-Anne and the casino. The investigation takes a turn for the weird when a random shooting leads Harry to investigate a Casino where the stakes are far more personal than money in that it can potentially be your own life. While there he meets the shooter who is played by Andrew Lee Potts who is best known for his role in Prime Evil.

By the close of the episode Lilly-Ann is in custody and Harry finds out that the table where he won big in the first episode of the series was not the rigged on. ¬†At this point Lilly-Ann calls in Harry’s debt, but wants him to recover a pearl box from the evidence locker, which has incriminating evidence against. Evidence, which Harry gets and passes onto Suri, which seems to be a miscalculation on Harry’s part because Lilly-Ann seems to have something on Harry, which he did not know about.

For me this episode felt like a shed load of exposition al story threads. It felt somewhat uneven and mostly about the procedural end of the show. I have to say at about 15 minutes in I was struggling to stay with it because I was generally quite bored.

Lucky Man - Episode 5
  • James Nesbitt and Andrew Lee Pots
  • Boring story, which served only as a huge info dump.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI
  • Incidental Music

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