In Review: Lucky Man – Pilot Episode

A troubled London cops fortunes change when he's given a lucky bracelet.

Synopsis: A troubled London cops fortunes change when he’s given a lucky bracelet.

Review: Created for British television by Stan Lee ‘Lucky Man’ brings us a very flawed and British hero and James Nesbitt is the perfect choice for the role of  Harry.

Harry is a essentially a maverick police detective with a serious gambling problem, which has gotten way out of hand. When his debt is called in by the casino owner he is given 3 days to raise the money.

Of course Harry returns to the casino and takes a stab at winning the money that he owes, but with little success. Down to his last chips at the Roulette table Harry is approached by a mysterious lady wearing a bracelet. It seems that by touching Harry’s arm she is able to channel the bracelets power and thus helps Harry win the money he owes back. After their win the two celebrate and spend the night together.

The following morning Harry wakes up with the bracelet attached to his wrist. He tries to remove it and has very little luck.

The next thing Harry knows he is being called to a crime scene where the owner of the casino that he owes money to has been found dead. Of course naturally Harry is a suspect in the murder, but that doesn’t stop him investigating anyway.

By the close of this first episode we learn that the bracelet was not meant for Harry and to make matters worse the person it was intended for is out to get the bracelet from him by any means necessary. Making matters worse is the fact the the new head of his department is looking for Harry to make the slightest miss step so he can boot him off the force.

This opening episode of the series was really strong and does end with a mighty good cliffhanger.

Nesbitt is perfectly cast as Harry and Sienna Guillory oozes mystery and raw sex appeal as the mysterious Eve who gives Harry the Bracelet. 

It is pretty clear from this opening story that the Bracelet comes with a price and I look forward to seeing how the mystery surrounding the bracelet unfolds over the course of the series.

Amara Karan provides solid support as Harry’s partner DS Suri Chohan while Steven Mackintosh  character of Detective Superintendent Winter proves to be a bit of a thorn in Harry’s side.

The simple use of a Lucky Bracelet as the central premise of this show is wonderfully simple, but the character development that is likely to follow on from it has the potential to be really interesting viewing.

This is a really strong start to a series that I had serious doubts about before tuning in.

Lucky Man - Pilot Episode
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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    24 January 2016 at 3:02 pm -

    Good to know. Hopefully, it airs on this side of the pond.

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