In Review: Luke Cage (2017-) #3

After the fights are done and the dust is settled Luke begins to figure out that there are a few pieces to the puzzle that are missing.

Synopsis: Why is everybody trying to kill Luke Cage??? And where did they get the weapons to do so?! With supplies of “the cure” running low, Burstein’s former subjects are growing dangerously unstable!

Review: David F. Walker continues his Luke Cage story and leaves us with a big cliffhanger reveal to close the issue with.

The story picks things up moments from where the last issue left off. Warhawk is locked in a vicious fight with one of Burstein’s former subjects and Cage is doing his best to try and calm the whole thing down.

The issue starts with a brief flashback in which Burstein is testing the serum, which he has been using the stop his subjects from going off the handle. He is conducting the tests on Warhawk aka Mitchell Tanner.

After the fights are done and the dust is settled Luke begins to figure out that there are a few pieces to the puzzle that are missing. He then realises that Burstein’s assistant hasn’t been telling him everything and tries to coax the truth out of her.

This was a really good issue wth lots of plot reveals and things to keep us going to the fourth issue, which will be out next month.

Walker does a great job with the third person narrative that Cage is giving us while the action is all taking place.

I loved the flashback sequence right at the start of the comic and I am enjoying the fact that there is a much bigger conspiracy going on.

The art work by Nelson Blake II is pretty strong this issue. His portrayal of the action at the start of the book was great, but It was some of the quieter and more subtle moments that were well drawn. Such as Burnstein’s assistant being caught in a lie and the facial expression as she struggles to wrangle her way out of it.

Over all this is the best issue to date. I look forward to seeing how all this gets wrapped up.


Luke Cage (2017-) #3
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