In Review: MacGyver – AWL

MacGyver and the team are in Malaysia to extract a terrorist group's money man

Synopsis: MacGyver and the team are in Malaysia to extract a terrorist group’s money man, Ralph, who holds key intel on an impending attack. But the mission goes south when the man is shot, and now, with only a driver’s license and hand sanitiser available, MacGyver must keep Ralph alive in order to learn the terrorist plans.

Review: Team MacGyver have to play baby sitter to the obnoxious terrorist money launderer Ralph who is played perfectly by Oliver Cooper who milks the role for every ounce of its comedy potential, which forces George Eades to live his game somewhat when it comes to being the somewhat goofy character of the group.


Riley does a fair bit of her analyst thing. But this episode is full on MacGyverism’s with some new ones that we never saw in the original show. That said I’m still not a full convert. As in I’d still rather have seen the original series have a few revivals or seen this played out as a spin-off rather than a re-invention.

Despite my misgivings though. This is probably one of the episodes that may well define this version of MacGyver in the years to come. If indeed this makes it as far as being picked up for another year.

The moment in which Mac has to perform a hemothorax using a tire jack, some tubing and compressed air from a car tire was pretty impressive. I’d be curious to know if it has any basis in reality.

Not as good though was dosing Ralph up on Beta Blockers in order to fake his death.

As with previous reviews Lucas Till does well with the material he is given, but I would want to move away from the whole team MacGyver concept and have the new MacGyver do a few solo missions.

There was some character development stuff happening this week in which Jack is trying to get Mac to contact his estranged father. This felt a little shoehorned into the story if I’m honest.

Overall though. This is the best episode yet of the new series.

MacGyver - AWL
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