In Review: MacGyver – Chisel

With only a chisel and matchbook, MacGyver and team must defend themselves and the US Embessy workers in Latvia from extremist

Synopsis: With only a chisel and matchbook, MacGyver and team must defend themselves and the US Embessy workers in Latvia from extremist who are trying to retrieve their leader.

Review: This week sees some of the fall out from Mac not telling Bozer about his status as a Government agent. In a nutshell Phoenix Foundation have detained Bozer for questioning, which is something he is not to happy with.

Still angry at Mac. Bozer isn’t exactly being cooperative with Thornton or anyone. Mac tries to go to bat on behalf of his freind, but Thornton is not willing to buck the security procedures, which include an investigation into Bozer’s employment and online accounts.

While Bozer is going through all of this. Mac, Dalton and Riley are sent on a mission to Latvia in order to take the leader of an up and coming terrorist army prisoner. Thornton says the mission is about cutting the head off of another ISIS before it has chance to grow.

All seems to go well for all but 30 seconds when the prisoner sends out an all points distress call to his men. This forces the team to retreat to the US Embassy, which is made up of a civilian staff and only has four US Marines to protect it.

Mac and the team wind up under siege in the Embassy and is forced to improvise ways or keeping the terrorists at bay for up to 6 hours while they await reinforcements from the US Military.  In order to do this MacGyver needs to win the trust of the Embassy workers in order to get help to fortify the windows from gun fire, but when furniture and doors do not prove effective MacGyver has to employ a combination of Maths and Physics in order to work out how many reams of paper can slow down or stop a bullet.

Amid all the action in this story we have some nice character beats. The moment where we learn how Mac became friends with Bozer by making fireworks was a good moment, which played into another fun MacGyverism, which saw him keeping the terrorist back.

Some solid guest performances in this story as well. Tobias Jelinek was pretty convincing as the terrorist leader that Mac and the team had to take prisoner and Alicia Coppola provides a very touching moment as the Ambassador when talking on the phone to her young kid.  

Once all is safe again and MacGyver and the team are back at Phoenix Foundation. We learn that the Foundation has hired Bozer to work in their science division because of his work on prosthetic masks.  Lord help them. They’re doomed.


MacGyver - Chisel
  • The Good: The use of basic Physics to stop bullets
  • The Bad: A serviceable siege story
  • Story
  • Acting
  • MacGyverisms
  • Incidental Music

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