In Review: MacGyver – Flashlight

Mac and the team get diverted to Hawaii to help in earthquake relied efforts and are teamed with Five-0's Chin Ho and Kono.

Synopsis: Mac and the team get diverted to Hawaii to help in earthquake relief efforts and are teamed with Five-0’s Chin Ho and Kono.

Review: This episode is the much hyped Hawaii Five-0 and MacGyver crossover and it is surprisingly good in terms of MacGyverism’s but not so great as far as Jack Dalton. Who is as annoyingly and over the top as ever.

When the team is sent to Hawaii to help with Earthquake relief efforts they end up having to not only rescue a group of DARPA scientists, but also wind up having to stop a small group of terrorist from getting away with some top secret smart bullets. Which I admit looked pretty cool.

There are some nice character beats in this episode. Especially between MacGyver (Lucas Till) and Kono (Grace Park) who wind up working together when the team splits off.

We also have the cute factor covered when Bozer who seems a lot less annoying and more settled as a character rescues a dog. But his doggy rescuing days do little to assuage his broken heart from crushing on Riley who has hooked up with a local IT guy.

We get very little Matty in this episode. Which is disappointing because I’ve been growing to like her as a character and would love to see an episode where it is just her and MacGyver in the field and no one else.

The MacGyverisms featured in this episode saw Mac rigging up a stone cutter made of odds and ends and using a combination of water and sand. He also rigged up a laser using the sights from Chin Ho’s gun as a means of stopping and redirecting the smart bullets.

Over all for an episode of Team Macgyver, which is what they should rename the show to. This wasn’t bad. But CBS could have teamed Five-0 up with Scorpion and done much the same plot and story.

The end saw them throw a birthday party for Mac. But prior to that we had a ridiculously silly moment where Jack Dalton is jokingly ragging on Steve McGarrett to Chin Ho and Kono. The macho Seals Delta Force thing.

I really hope that if this show gets a second season that they downgrade Jack to a recurring character and use him very sparingly. Because the character is just damn annoying. If your going to have Jack Dalton as a former Delta Forces soldier that’s fine, but for gods sake make him less annoying.

MacGyver - Flashlight
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