In Review: MacGyver – Magnifying Glass

When Matty's goddaughter and her boyfriend are murdered in San Francisco Park, Mac and the team investigate the crime and start to suspect that the 1960s Zodiac Killer has returned.

Synopsis: When Matty’s goddaughter and her boyfriend are murdered in San Francisco Park, Mac and the team investigate the crime and start to suspect that the 1960s Zodiac Killer has returned.

Review: For this episode. The series has a break of format as MacGyver and the team become embroiled in a criminal investigation.

It seems the addition of Matty to the team is what this show needed in order to move forward, but I still have issues with the whole set up.

This was potentially a really good story, but unfortunately it fell into the predictable pattern by the close as Riley becomes what is potentially the final victim of the Zodiac killer as he breaks with his pattern. A fact, which she happily points out to him while giving Mac and Jack time to create a diversion in order to save her life.  But have to say. I saw Riley being captured a mile off.

Although the introduction of Matty has breathed some new life into this series. I’d still be happier if they disbanded the whole team MacGyver concept. It plays out to much like NCIS Los Angeles and the other CBS shows.

This whole series has been troublesome to watch for me as a fan of the classic show.

The issue is it has reinvented to much. The fact is the principal character of MacGyver would be able to hack computers. Meaning you wouldn’t need Riley.

I know things have moved on since the 80s and 90s. But fact is. In the classic show MacGyver was a genius, but a humble one at that. He’d often worked alone or with whoever happened to be along for the ride at the time. And his only close friend was really Pete Thornton.

Now I see some potential for a fun friendship between Lucas Till’s version of Mac and Matty. In fact Matty is as sceptical about Mac’s ability to improvise as the original Pete Thornton was when they first met.

My main beef with this series is. It be better if the writers gave Lucas Till a solo episode where he gets to spread his wings and not have to deal with the new Jack Dalton, Bozer or Riley.

This episode, which was okay despite the predictability could have been so much better had they been daring enough to trim some of the fat and maybe have had it with just Mac and Matty. It would have been more suspenseful has it been just those two against the copycat killer.

As things stand. Lucas Till continues to impress in the role. But I am still very much not on side when it comes to the new Jack Dalton. As for Riley. It be fun to keep her as a recurring character and perhaps do the same for Bozer given that he is becoming less of an annoyance of late.

MacGyver - Magnifying Glass
  • The Good: Matty and the potential relationship with Mac
  • The Bad: Jack Dalton and the predictable story
  • Story
  • Acting
  • MacGyverisms
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