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MacGyver and the team attempt to rescue Sarah, Jack’s former CIA partner/ex-girlfriend

Synopsis: MacGyver and the team attempt to rescue Sarah, Jack’s former CIA partner/ex-girlfriend who went missing in Venezuela after she obtained evidence to take down an international arms dealer.

Review: Amy Acker guest stars as Jack Dalton’s ex girlfriend and former CIA partner in this episode in which Mac and the team perform a rescue mission.

The episode opens with MacGyver obsessing about Nikki’s escape from FBI custody, which requires Jack to take on the role of big brother and talk him down from it. Which is a pretty obvious lead in for the mission, which surprisingly is to rescue Jacks ex girlfriend.

Riley is starting to fit in with the team and has used Mac’s room mate Bozer to pose as her boyfriend during a meeting with he parole officer.

I have to confess. I’m not a fan of Bozer. Aside from flipping burgers and simple domestic stuff. I don’t see the point in his character. Especially in a show of this type.

Comic relief is one thing. But this Bozer dude is just forced.

Additionally. I think they need to address the fact that this show is called ‘MacGyver’ not ‘The Mac, Jack and Riley’ show. Lets have some episodes of Mac working on his own. That is after all what made the classic series kind of special. Mac worked for most part on his own and found allies along the way.

Granted. There was a Jack Dalton in the original show. And he was a little older than MacGyver, but it wasn’t a special ops guy. He was more of a jack of all trades and master of none. Who always found trouble when pursuing his get rich quick schemes.

This new Jack as played by George Eades just feels plastered on the series to justify making ‘MacGyver’ of the 2016 era into a team show.

As far as Riley is concerned. I like her character, but she is a massive cliche in terms of the computer systems hacker, which is something that pretty much plagues modern TV shows.

This was a pretty tight story with some fairly strong performances. But they really need to rename it ‘Team MacGyver’ as apposed to ‘MacGyver’. Its not a bad show, but ‘MacGyver’ this isn’t. It’s something else entirely and CBS need to address that. If anything it feels a little bit like ‘Scorpion’, which is a slightly better bit of television fluff.

Lucas Till does a pretty good job with the material he is given. But I’d love for him to have a mission on his own. Without Jack and without Riley as back up. We’ve not really seen a proper ‘MacGyver’ episode with this new show until Mac has completed a mission on his own. We need to see the new MacGyver put into a situation where he is vulnerable and exposed. A good example of what I mean here is an episode from the classic shows first season called ‘Nightmares’ in which Mac is kidnapped and drugged with something that will kill him in six hours if he does not give the kidnappers what they want. That’s the sort of episode this new series needs in order to establish Lucas Till as the new Mac.

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