In Review: MacGyver – Toothpick

MacGyver must fix a sabotaged train in order to protect a whistle-blower

Synopsis: Using only an armrest, a curtain rod and a toothpick, MacGyver must fix a sabotaged train in order to protect a whistle-blower who has proof that her boss is selling weapons to U.S enemies.

Review: In this episode team MacGyver have to protect an informant on a train and Mac using all manner of tricks in order to keep the enemy troops at bay. Including the old favourite of creating a heating rod out of rust and various other objects in order to separate the train carriages.

As far as stories go this was pretty much standard fair for a 21st century television series. If it were not for the MacGyverisms it would have been just your average episode of CSI or whatever else really. It was pretty generic.

George Eads continues to struggle insofar as making Jack Dalton his own. And is still very much in the shadow of the far superior portrayal by Bruce McGill.

Macgyvers room mate Bozer continues to be a weak link in the series.

As have said in previous reviews. MacGyver works best when it is NOT a team based show. It be good if the writing team took that on board and gave Lucas Til an episode in which he gets to be on a solo mission without Jack and Riley.

As things stand. I’d be very surprised if the show gets a second series pick up. Because based on what have seen thus far. It doesn’t deserve it.

MacGyver - Toothpick
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