In Review: Masked – Anomalies #2

A gorgeous mystery unfolds.

Synopsis: Frank Braffort is a man out of his element. Returning to Paris after experiences the horrors of battle, Frank struggles to rejoin a world. A world nothing like the one he remembers. Frank has also had his first run in with an anomaly. These strange creatures have posed no physical threat for years, yet when one attacks the Prefect of Paris, Frank learns that he may have a part to play in this strange new world.

Review: Masked is a gorgeous work of fiction. It is a comic series that knows its aesthetic, and the creative team of Lehman & Crety can craft a world something fierce. Having said all of that, the story is a little difficult to follow. That isn’t a criticism on the book’s part. The story of a veteran coming home is nothing new, but this home seems layered with a sort of otherworldly madness. How does one fit in when robotic creatures randomly appear overnight, and holograms project old serial killers in the sky? I adore this element because although Frank is our portal into this world, he is as lost as we are. The connection between the protagonist and reader is palpable. It adds to the foundation of this futuristic, yet familiar in ways, Paris.

Masked’s version of Paris is breathtaking. The backgrounds alone send my mind reeling. (Think The Jetsons meets Mad Men). Crety lightly glazes the futuristic elements over the mundane, yet this is not done superficially. There is an authenticity here that astounds. Bother the office of the prefect and the Parisian skyline took my breath away. The colors also work incredibly well with the pencils and inking. Furthermore, the last few pages of issue #2 deliver on some striking artwork, and the team should be commended on how outstanding it looks.

As the series progresses, I look forward to unraveling the mystery of what is going on in this world that is almost like our own. There are so many seemingly disparate pieces that have yet to come together, and I, for the life of me, can’t see where they will all fit. Moreover, that concept is terribly exciting. In conclusion: beautiful, compelling, mysterious, and absolutely baffling. A must read!

Masked - Anomalies #2
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