In Review: Nancy Drew – The Haunted Ring

As the funeral for Tiffany Hudson nears, her confused spirit seemingly haunts Horseshoe Bay.

Synopsis: As the funeral for Tiffany Hudson nears, her confused spirit seemingly haunts Horseshoe Bay. Nancy invites Bess to stay with her, allowing Nancy to figure out what Bess is hiding.

Review: The plot thickens as the ghost points Nancy toward a rather important clue about the murder of Lucy Sable. Meanwhile, Tiffany’s sister turns up and created problems for the Hudson family.

The Story

Picking things up from last week. Nancy suspects that Bess may well be a suspect in Tiffany’s murder due to the fact that she has Tiffany’s ring. But she soon finds out that all is not as it seems with her English friend. When Bess is attacked by the Tiffany’s ghost she reveals that she found the ring and is now anxious to get rid of it because she thinks it is haunted. To help Georgia calls upon her mother who is a spiritualist to help figure out what to do with regards to Tiffany’s restless ghost. The solution is to put the ring on Tiffany’s cold dead finger, which is a covert mission.

Making matters much more complicated for the Hudson family is the fact that Tiffany’s younger sister has turned up and is out to prove that the Hudson’s are covering up the true autopsy results from her sister’s death. To that end, she enlists the help of Ace, who happens to be a computer hacker.

Meanwhile, Nancy is given a clue with regards to the murder of Lucy Sable, which leads to her old high school.


Stevie Lynn Jones was a really good addition to this episode as Tiffany’s younger sister. I loved how she came into town and pretty much set about exposing the lie that the Hudson family had been selling. She came across as really strong and could well be an interesting recurring character who seems to have a similar skillset to Nancy when it comes to digging up information. Her scenes with Ace helped draw out his character more and gave us some interesting backstory for his character.


I really enjoyed this episode and how the ghost of Lucy Sable was used in order to provide a clue to Nancy with regards to the 20-year-old murder. The monitor on Nancy’s computer smashing into the shape of a map of Horseshoe Bay was really clever. It is this sort of thing that makes this show really enjoyable.

Nancy Drew - The Haunted Ring
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