In Review: Ninjak #27

Ninjak's latest job mission shows him the true depths of humanity's dark side.

Synopsis: As a mercenary, Ninjak has taken more than his fair share of questionable missions, but there are some missions that push the boundary even for him. Tasked with tracking down a missing doctor with a checkered history of atrocities, Ninjak attempts to recover his target under MI-6’s request. However, faced with not a man but a monster, Ninjak must do battle with his code of ethics. Oh yeah, he also fights real monsters.

Review: What I love about the writers for Ninjak is that they have to come up for a way to make the perfect mercenary struggle. Just like Superman, we know our hero has what it takes to overcome any obstacle in his way, but it is internal struggle that really brings this character to life. Issue #27 continues to wrestle with the moral implications of Colin’s code of ethics. In the last story arc, we saw him come to terms with his past as one of the Shadow Seven and his lost love. Now, Ninjak must deal with his employers not necessarily caring about the horrors a mad scientist has inflicted upon innocent people, including children. Although the target has committed war crimes, M-I 6 still offered him immunity. Does Ninjak follow protocol, and thus save this monster? Nope. It is as if Colin is attempting to make what he thinks is the moral choice since his dealings with Roku. It may work, yet it still feels leagues from making amends. A smart way to portray a complex character.

The name of the game for the art in the current issue is tight. There are so many close quarters panels, and it really adds to the intensity of the plot. Yes, there are elaborate tapestries that are shown, and the scene where Ninjak figures out what the facility actually is highlights the area as a charnel house. The tighter panels are really where this issue does the heavy lifting. Having said that though, night explosions are have a special place in my heart, so that panel towards the end of the issue really stands out.

Ninjak #27 is a turning point for the series. It will pivot into a larger storyline called Rapture. Starting points often have a tendency to get lost in transition, but, thankfully, Ninjak #27 is not one of them.

Ninjak #27
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