In Review: Outlander: Original Television Soundtrack Vol 1

Bears music for 'Outlander' is every bit as sweeping as the lush landscapes that we are treated to in the series.

Review: When I initially watched ‘Outlander’ on Amazon Prime. I was initially skeptical with it being sold as a science fiction, historical romantic drama. Thankfully it was not what I was expecting, which I will not bore you with.

For the series Ronald D. Moore, who is often a divisive character when it comes to a certain science fiction fan base, called on the services of the brilliant Bear McCreary to do the music and this is the first of two CD’s to be released with the soundscape that pretty much drew me and many others into this spectacular series.

As readers will know. I have interviewed Bear McCreary a couple of times for the podcast and one thing I learned from him very early on was his love for Celtic and other forms of folk music. This latest release allows Bear to draw a lot more from that well than he has been able to on other projects.

Bears music for ‘Outlander’ is every bit as sweeping as the lush landscapes that we are treated to in the series and matches up beautifully with the shows story lines and character to the point where it actually enhances them.

The introduction song ‘The Skye Boat Song’, which is sung beautifully by Raya Yarbrough.

The song is a perfect choice for this series given the level of romance and mystery that it has.

Throughout the soundtrack Bear makes use of many instruments, which include Bagpipes, which provide a hauntingly romantic sound to the series. We also get treated to some fantastic subtle string sections as well as some fabulous flute.

It’s very difficult for me to actually choose one or two tracks from this release given that when you listen you are taken away from this world to a very different land. This is the first collection of Celtic style music have listened to that has had that effect on me since I  heard the song ‘Bonnie Portmore’ as sang by Loreena McKennitt, which was used for the Highland scenes in the movie ‘Highlander 3’ and once again during certain key episodes of the television series.

One track of this collection I found rather amusing was the cheeky sounding ‘Mrs Fitz’, which provided some levity to an otherwise very intense soundtrack. The release concludes with ‘The Veil Of Time’, which has some fantastic phrasings in it, which I was humming to myself long after my first session listening to the soundtrack. I still am as I write this. Simply put there isn’t a bad piece of music in this collection.

In conclusion all I can say is. If you don’t enjoy this soundtrack you probably do not have an appreciation for the deeper nuances or emotional journeys that damn good music can take you on. If you do enjoy music. Stop wasting time and buy this.

Highest possible recommendation, which is something I do not say lightly.

Outlander: Original Television Soundtrack Vol 1
  • Fantastic collection of music that transports you to another time and place
  • At just 52 minutes. I was left wanting more.
  • Music
  • Cover Art
  • Vocals
  • Arrangements

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