In Review: Pennyworth – Julie Christie

While Martha and Thomas confront Crowley over his strange party and the return of Patricia, Alfred and the lads track down the whereabouts of a wanted killer.

Synopsis: While Martha and Thomas confront Crowley over his strange party and the return of Patricia, Alfred, and the lads track down the whereabouts of a wanted killer.

Review: The series continues to intrigue and Entertain with some fun twist and turns.

The Story

Having figured out the identity of Esme’s killer. Alfred heads to an Army Regiment in order to find the whereabouts of Captain Curzan.

Meanwhile, Lord Harewood pays a secretive visit to Frances Gaunt the current leader of The Raven Society and lays out the workings of a plan to her that will allow him to work in the shadows until he chooses to reveal himself.

Back in London Martha returns home in wearing nothing but a sheet to protect her modesty. She is bombarded with questions from Thomas about the whereabouts of his sister Patricia Wayne. Martha tells him that she was at the party with her, but reveals that it was not your ordinary party, but a party of devil worshippers. Thomas is somewhat skeptical and goes with Martha to see Crowley and get his sister back. From there, things only become that bit more twisted and confusing.

Having gotten a lead from Captain Curzan’s regiment. Alfred goes after him but is surprised when he bumps into Bett Sykes who is there for the same reason. To kill the bastard that topped Esme.

The Acting

There are lots of great acting performances in this episode. But the one that impressed me most came from Jonjo O’Neill who put in a sinister and creepy performance as Aleister Crowley. The scenes between Thomas Wayne, Martha, and Crowley are riveting to watch.

I was also impressed with Anna Chancellor who makes a rousing speech to rile up her followers in the Raven Society. Her scene earlier in the episode where she learns that Harewood is still alive is setting up a lot of interesting possibilities.


This was a pretty good episode to come back with after the break. We get a lot of interesting developments that will likely pay off in the weeks to come. But most disturbing of them all is just how much Crowley knew about Thomas Wayne, which makes me wonder if he will have a bigger role to play in the show as things move forward.

Pennyworth - Julie Christie
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