In Review: Preacher – Damsels

This episode introduces Julie Ann Emery as the mysterious Lara Featherstone

Synopsis: Jesse’s trip to New Orleans exposes Tulip to an angry ex-boss and places them all in the cross hairs of a shady secret organisation.

Review: This episode kicks off with a brief look at what Eugene aka Arse Face has been going through while in hell. Which basically boils down to him reliving the day of the accident, which caused the brain death of his friend and his own disfigurement.

After having relived the horrid day several times over. Eugene’s cell door opens and he is told to stay put. But later when he finds the door to be still open. He goes for a wander and runs into one of the other occupants of hell that strikes a remarkable resemblance to Hitler.

Back in New Orleans and much to the objection of Tulip. Jesse has began a search of all the Jazz clubs in his search for God. However his search is cut short when he rescues a club singer from a secret organisation that are out to get him.

Back at the hotel. Tulip is getting a little agitated and calls Jesse. The conversation goes no where and Jesse hangs up. This prompts Tulip to go off on her own to get some smokes. However when she finally gets to the vending machine she runs into a gang of crooks who work for her old boss.

This episode introduces Julie Ann Emery as the mysterious Lara Featherstone who is revealed to be with the secret group that is coming after Jesse.

We don’t get anymore of the Cowboy this week, but my guess is he will be with us again fairly soon.

Cassidy is a bit quiet this week as this episode centres more intensely on Jesse as he seeks out God. There is one fun Cassidy moment near the start of the episode when he sets about paying to have a wild time with some folk from the freakier side of the New Orleans sex scene. It was pretty twisted and just doesn’t bear thinking to much about.


This episode was pretty solid and had a few interesting reveals. We even got a little time with Eugene, which isn’t really that big a deal for me because he is likely my least favourite character in the series. But his fans would have been happy to see him return.

It will be interesting to see some of the layers peeled away of Lara Featherstone in the weeks to come. What does she want? What does her group want with Jesse?

Have to say that I really enjoyed the music in this weeks episode and thought the final few moments in the club as Jesse gets attuned to the Jazz tune he’d been trying to get a handle on were interesting. It be interesting to see where this particular bit of Jazz leads Jesse in next weeks episode.

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