In Review: Preacher – Mumbai Sky Tower

Jesse and his friends pay a visit to Ganesh

Synopsis: Jesse, Tulip and Cassidy track down a lead from heaven to find out more about who the cowboy is and why he’s trying to kill them.

Review: Picking up moments from where last week left off. Jesse and the gang do their best to get away from cowboy as he massacres the entire motel complex.

When struggling to figure out what their next move is. Cassidy suggests they pay a visit to a Las Vegas style illusionist going by the show name of Ganesh. When they arrive Jesse recognises Ganesh as the Angel Flore. As they get reacquainted Flore tells Jesse that it was him and his dead partner that hired the Cowboy to track him and kill him.

Genesis Is Key

At this point. We learn that the Cowboy is able to zero in on Jesse every time he uses the power of Genesis, which is living within him.

Cassidy thinking he can get Flore to see reason. Asks Jesse for a few hours to try and talk the angel into calling the cowboy off.

Tulip’s past comes back to bite her

While waiting for Cassidy to deal with Flore. Jesse asks Tulip to marry him and the two begin to go through the motions when a face from the past comes back into Tulip’s life.

When she sees the heavy. Tulip excuses herself to change her shirt.

The heavy then tries to muscle in on Tulip and get her to contact his boss about some unfinished business. A voilent struggle happens, which ends when Tulip whacks the guy repeatedly over the head with some gimmicky love hart.

She then cleans herself up and calls the wedding off.

Angel’s drugs and rock n’ roll

As part of his plan to try and get Flore to change his mind. Cassidy proceeds to get the angel blind stinking stoned on pretty much every drug in the book. Speed being one that is used quite a bit.

The antics that the two get up to make for some hilarious television.


This was a strong second episode, which gives us some closure for Flore and provides insight into how the Cowboy is able to track Jesse.

The scenes where Flore and Cassidy are getting stoned are hilarious and worth the price of admission alone.

The episode ends pretty much where things started. Jesse going by the fact that he thinks God loves Jazz is setting out to drive them all to New Orleans. But this time he thinks that the Cowboy is no longer on his tail. He’s going to be in for a nasty surprise.

Final Thoughts

So far so good. Now that Jesse and the gang are on the road. It seems that the story narrative is moving forward at a slightly faster pace than last year.

We got a great performance from Joseph Gilgun as Cassidy and the comedy he provided by getting Flore stoned was superb. But he also did not shy away from the less comedic stuff as well. 

Gilgun’s chemistry with both his co-stars is fantastic, but that same acting chemistry was apparent with his scenes with Flore, which pretty much shows that this actor can probably just about work with anybody and still come out of it tops.

Preacher - Mumbai Sky Tower
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