In Review: Preacher – Viktor

Jesse gets some surprising news about his search for God.

Synopsis: As their arrival in New Orleans brings Tulip face to face with a disgruntled ex-boss, Jesse gets some surprising news about his search for God.

Review: Picking up from where last week left off. Tulip has been taken to the home of her former boss, but the relationship has a little more than it seems.

Meanwhile Jesse reconnects with Cassidy after a long night searching Jazz bars for God.

While discussing his evening Cassidy points out an advert on the television to Jesse and it appears that their God is an actor.

Acting on this news. The two begin to search New Orleans for the actor and when they find his agent they get hold of an audition tape, which sees the actor auditioning and getting shot.

Down in hell Eugene aka Arse Face is doing his best to try and fit in with the other inmates and even befriends Hitler for a short time. Quite where this story of Eugene’s time is hell is going remains to be seen.

This episode pretty much felt like filler and didn’t really do a great deal to advance the overall plot. The little we do learn is that maybe the actor that Jesse was tracking has a purpose with his death.

The revelation at the close of the episode might go some way to advancing Tulip’s storyline, but quite how it will fit with Jesse’s search for god is anyone’s guess.

The stuff in hell is moderately entertaining and hopefully has more of a story point to it than we are currently getting, but it was fun to see Eugene getting to know Hitler a little even if only for a real short time.

We don’t see anymore of the organisation with the white suits this week, but somehow I think they could well be connected with the dead actor that was asked to play god.

This wasn’t as strong of an episode as last week or the week before, but it looks like things will pick up soon because the Cowboy is on his way.


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