Former wartime pilots talk to Hynek and Quinn about the strange lights which they saw while flying.

Synopsis: Former wartime pilots talk to Hynek and Quinn about the strange lights which they saw while flying. The hunt for Fuller continues.

Review: The conspiracy gets deeper as the Airforce hunt for Fuller and seeks to interview Susie Miller.

The Story

Following up on some information left by Lieutenant Fuller in last weeks episode. Hynek persuades Quinn to help him follow up on an investigation involving some Foo Fighters. When they meet the secret group they hear all the testimony about them having seen bright lights while flying missions and they claim to have found a way to contact them.

Meanwhile, The two generals are determined to hunt down and fight Fuller and take him back to the hospital before he can reveal too much to the outside world. And given that Fuller broke into Hynek’s home. They have posted a guard there and are also very interested in interviewing Susie Miller who helped Mimi scare Fuller off.

The Acting

Both Michael Harney and Neal McDonough give great performances this week as the two generals who are doing their best to keep a lid on things.

Also really good this week is Aidan Gillen who as Hynek gives the Foo Fighters a logical explanation of the lights they are seeing in response to their signal. But does he actually believe in the kool-aid that he is selling?


Another solid episode, which builds on the conspiracy elements that have been slowly getting put into place since the opening episode. I’m really enjoying the pace at which story elements are being revealed and the fact that Hynek unknowingly triggered Fullers off switch toward the close of the episode was pretty surprising.

The storyline surrounding Susie Miller and her mission is also interesting and it’s strange how she is somehow getting the same radio signals that helped lead Hynek to the Foo Fighters. Quite where that will go in the coming weeks remains to be seen. But I look forward to seeing how it all unfolds.

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