In Review: PROJECT BLUE BOOK: SEASON 1 – The Green Fireballs

A fortnight after Fuller's death, a missile base is nearly destroyed when a countdown mysteriously starts - but then just as suddenly stops. 

Synopsis: A fortnight after Fuller’s death, a missile base is nearly destroyed when a countdown mysteriously starts – but then just as suddenly stops.

Review: Hynek’s determination to get to the truth of things puts him even more at odds with the Generals.

The Story

Hynek’s push to get to the truth is getting to the point of obsession and it is affecting his marriage. Things get worse when he and Quinn are sent to investigate some green fireballs, which very nearly a nuclear disaster.

During the investigation, Quinn uncovers a Russian Spy, which leads them to speculate that the Green Fireballs could be some sort of Russian technology.

Back at Hynek’s home. Susie Miller is offering comfort to Mimi while simultaneously reading Hynek’s diary.

The Acting

Aidan Gillen puts in a wonderful performance this week as he conveys Hynek’s sense of frustration to perfect effect. The scenes where he is in the Church with the mysterious man in black do much to expand the series mythology and the fact that Hynek wants to get at the truth despite his brief to come up with a logical lie to cover things up is working wonderfully as a subplot.

I also enjoyed Ksenia Solo’s performance as Susie Miller this week. There is a great scene where Susie and her fellow spy bump into Mimi’s nosy neighbor Donna. It’s a chance meeting that has consequences.


This episode was very much character driven and did a lot to expand on Hynek’s personal journey as he struggles to separate his need for the truth from his job of covering up the truth from the Public.  What is the strange device that Hynek is playing with toward the end of the episode and who is the mystery man in black that is continually pushing Hynek toward the truth.

The episode is also a good one for Susie Miller as her relationship with Mimi continues to be fruitful. But will she be able to separate the friendship from her real mission, which is to gather intelligence about Project Blue Book?

PROJECT BLUE BOOK: SEASON 1 – The Green Fireballs
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