In Review: Quantum & Woody #1

The brothers are back...and they abhor each other!

Synopsis: Eric and Woody Henderson are the hero team Quantum and Woody. For years, the duo has fought crime together while fighting amongst themselves. Brothers do that from time to time, yet the rift is larger than ever. The two are no longer on speaking terms, but they must still unite once very twenty-four hours or be ripped apart by their own power. This divide has sent both Eric and Woody down different paths. Eric works a quiet, unremarkable job, and Woody has completely become a scamming scoundrel. What could have driven these two apart? And why has a new woman come promising Woody freedom from his brother?

Review: Issue #1 jumps around a great deal. At first, it seems the definition of manic, which would fit the madcap nature of the series, but it is actually very deliberate. Seeing the brothers work together demonstrates how effective they can be. Once their teamwork has been showcased, it is instantly undermined by the melancholy and icy nature of their current lives and interactions with each other. The panel where Eric and Woody Klang their bands together is a powerful moment. It is the moment when the two are at the peak of their powers, but the scene reads lethargic (a great way to convey the distance between the two).

The layout of issue #1 is ordered yet fun. The idea of this book is more of a slice of life story is bolstered by the attention paid to their movements and expressions. A car pulling up, Woody’s attempt to pay a bar tab, and Eric reading his late father’s letter are all given a certain focus that usually only occurs in quieter books. It is quite refreshing to see it done both for laughs and somber moments seamlessly.

A new era for Quantum & Woody has arrived. An era that promises to be touching, emotional, and hilarious.

Quantum and Woody #1
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