In Review: Ripper Street – A White World Made Red

Jackson feels the heat when a double murder throws light upon his recent illicit activities.

Synopsis: Jackson feels the heat when a double murder throws light upon his recent illicit activities.

Review: When a murder involving the scientific process known as blood letting draws Drake and Reid are called into investigate. Captain Jackson’s forensic examination of the murdered victims body reveals that she was not in the best of health due to scabies and such from having worked in the damp and horrible conditions of a Whitechapel sweat shop. Meanwhile the other body found at the scene of the crime is revealed to be a recently hung man from Newgate prison, which has Captain Jackson starting an investigation of his own, which could well blow the secret that his wife Long Susan did not actually die.

This episode has all manner of twist and turns and also provides more commentary that parallels the ongoing debate about immigrants that our various political parties continue to have. While investigating the sweat shop, which is mostly staffed by Polish immigrants. Detective Thatcher makes an off the cuff remark to Drake asking why they choose to come to London. Drake rightly chastises Thatcher for his lack of empathy and rightly so.

Most of this episode centres on Captain Jackson’s paranoia about being caught out. There is one point where Susan had left the building she is staying in at the docks, which has Jackson in a bit of a panic when he goes to visit. Especially given his discovery that the New Gate Prison Doctor knows his secret and has threatened to blow the whistle.

In terms of the dynamic between Reid and Drake. It continues to be interesting viewing to see how Drake handles the challenge of command and how Reid responds to working under someone who was formerly in his charge. Drake has a very different style of leadership, which often sees him utilising the skill sets of those that are better suited to elements of investigating crime than he is.

I’ve really enjoyed how these relationships have played out thus far in the series.

The episode started with Matilda reading Bram Stoker’s dracula, which is a fantastic tie in with the main point of this story. Turns out Matilda has a crush on Sargent Drummond, which has made for some fun moments between Reid and Drummond, who seems to reciprocate Matilda’s attentions, but is massively uncomfortable with it given who her father is.

The episode closes as it starts. With a murder, but this particular murder is far from accidental.

This series continues to entertain with its twist and turns and exploration of the darker side of humanity and the frightening streets of Victorian London.


Ripper Street - A White World Made Red
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