In Review: Ripper Street – Some Conscience Lost

Reid struggles to adapt on his first day back at H Division under Drake's command

Synopsis: Reid struggles to adapt on his first day back at H Division under Drake’s command.

Review: This second episode picks up a matter of days after Reid’s return to Whitechapel and sees him sworn in as a Detective inspector.

In order to ease him in Drake assigns Reid with a case in which a market trader has been chopping off peoples hands. It is a case, which is easily solved for Reid given that he has a better understanding of the various cultures living in and around Whitechapel.

Instead of investigating further Reid is drawn into the mystery surrounding a workhouse and the mysterious disappearance of a woman’s son. Its an investigation he stumbles on when he finds a dying boy on his way into work.

Of course Drake isn’t to impressed that Reid is pursuing a personal investigation, but given that he has pretty much wrapped up the case that he was given he cannot really argue to much either. So chooses to give Reid some room and a little help to get to the bottom of things.

Back at the docks Long Susan is starting to assert herself and show off some of her business acumen and seems to be looking to make the best of what is pretty bad situation. She can’t really go anywhere because she is pretty much dead to the rest of London.

This was a really strong second episode and as predicted its an interesting dynamic seeing Reid having to work under Drake. There were some really nice moments here as well. I particularly liked the fact that Drake and Reid are trying to work together again and the scene in which they bonded over some drinks was pretty nice.

I also enjoyed the scene in which Reid has a go at the guy running the work house. And the dialogue where he asks the guy who he thinks he is judging the poor as deserving or undeserving had real resonance. It could have been lifted from any number of newspaper headlines about benefits and such that we’ve seen in our national newspapers.

Although I had some doubts about this series having enough legs to go for a fourth season. I am thus far being proved wrong. Its not as great a start as last year, but it is still interesting enough to keep me watching.

Ripper Street - Some Conscience Lost
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