In Review: Ripper Street – The Peace of Edmund Reid

When an American journalist is killed in Whitechapel, his story threatens the peace.

Synopsis: When an American journalist is killed in Whitechapel, his story threatens the peace.

Review: The series gets back to its penchant for murder and mayhem in what seems to be a fitting series finale.

Reid, who is still suffering from injuries relating to his shooting at the hands of long Susan is out pounding the beat and still refuses to sit down and take his promotion at Scotland Yard and his latest investigation not only reveals who it was that shot him, but also reveals more about the robbery that took place during the Whitechapel terminus train crash, which took the lives of 55 people.

The main villain of the piece is Susan’s father Theodore Swift who is organized if nothing else and partial to getting what he wants through means of torture, which he demonstrates fully when torturing and murdering reporter Ralph Ackerman, who has been an avid collector of information, which could potentially take lots of people down.

As the clues unravel we learn that Swift has been using Whitechapel as a base of operations to sell the latest in weapons to the Europeans, and he is not averse to using these weapons to silence any opposition that may come his way.

Swift’s eventual undoing comes from his own daughter, who brokers a deal for leniency for her crimes in order to take her father down, but she essentially wants to do the right thing and is fully supported by her husband Captain Jackson who is the one that figured out it was her that shot Reid.

By the close of the episode all seems well in Whitechapel and Reid takes an early retirement to spend what is left of his days with his daughter Matilda while Drake finally marries Rose and takes over the precinct.

It does not end well for all though. Susan winds up having to do some time, but things seem to have improved between her and Captain Jackson because they are seemingly back together.

The episode ends with a nice little bit of narration about Reid and how he has served the precinct and how it is hoped that he finds his peace.

Honorable mention should go to Ian McElhinney who was perfect casting for Theodore Swift. It’s a shame that he only got the one episode to show us a truly compelling villain.

Overall I liked this. It seemed like a fitting end to what has been a brilliant series and I hate to think about how much of it the BBC will edit in order to make it fit into their schedules when they show it because most of these third season episodes have ran at an average of an hour and six minutes, sometimes more.

Ripper Street - The Peace of Edmund Reid
  • Fitting End To A Fantastic Series
  • Would have been nice to see more of Theodore Swift
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music

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