In Review: Ripper Street – Whitechapel Terminas

A Locomotive disaster sets Reid and long Susan on a collision course.

Synopsis: A Locomotive disaster sets Reid and long Susan on a collision course.

Review: After nearly a year of waiting ‘Ripper Street’ is back and rebooted in a longer format for Amazon Prime and Amazon Video customers.

This first episode, which launched on Friday along with the second episode, which I will review tomorrow is set four years after events, which we seen in series two and boy have things moved on.

Reid, Drake and Jackson are drawn back together after a four year separation by a train crash, which provides a mystery for them to solve.

This episode gets straight into the action and used very little exposition to do so. We learn early on that Drake left Whitechapel and restarted his police career from the bottom in Manchester. We pick Drake up as he is traveling on the doomed train. Reid is picked up at Whitechapel building an archive of known criminals and Jackson now separated from Long Susan is sleeping around and drinking as usual in a variety of fop houses.

Perhaps the surprise in this new series is Long Susan. She is no longer a Madam of the Brothel. Those days are four years gone for her. She is now trying to become legitimate, but it seems the manipulations of her solicitor Capshaw, who is revealed to be the brains behind the train robbery, which resulted in the crash and all because he is looking to balance the books of Long Susan’s new business enterprise.

The triumvirate of Reid, Drake and Jackson starts off somewhat edgy, but things soon move one when Reid and Drake discover the corpse of the murdered signal man.

This series feels much more flowing than the previous two seasons, which seemed to try and incorporate a lot of historical reference, which made the second series feel somewhat disjointed.

I love the fact that Reid who is played wonderfully by Matthew Macfadyen is still struggling to come to terms with some of the bad moral calls he made in the second season. To such a point where he has become damn near obsessive about his archives. It feels like Reid is a powder keg waiting to go off and this episode is just the start of the ticking clock.

Drake has also been developed more as a character for this series. He is now pretty much recovered from his grief and seems to be much more of a detective than the muscle, which he was pretty much used for in the previous two series.

To sum up this is a brilliant start to the series. I look forward to watching episode two later today and then picking up episode three on Friday.

Ripper Street - Whitechapel Terminas
  • Great Acting
  • Left me wanting more
  • Story
  • Acting
  • CGI

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