In Review: Savage #4

It has all led to this, and there will be blood.

Synopsis: KJ has survived on this weird and brutal island since his childhood. Slowly, he has exacted revenge on the men who killed his mother. With only a few remaining targets left, KJ sets his sights on the portal the men guard. It could be his only way back to the civilized world he was too you to remember. Once our savage youngster has settle the score, will the gate lead him home, and will home be more bizarre than an island full of dinosaurs?

Review: Savage has been a series that I have greatly enjoyed, but if you asked me about the specifics of the series, it would be a difficult task. Sure, I could say it is a story about the struggle for survival, nature vs nurture, or revenge. All of those would be accurate, but I wouldn’t be able to tell you the how or why. With a series such as this, the reader has to be ok with that. I am ok with it. This final issue beautifully ends the initial story arc. KJ enacts his plan with laser precision. Issue #4 expertly conveys just how lacking in compassion our hero is. There is no hesitation in his dispatching of the men. Yes, it is either KJ or them, but the boy is in his element. The strength of storytelling with an economy of dialogue is hard to accomplish, yet Moore accomplishes it deftly.

Once again. the art for Savage is outstanding. With the series constantly doing flashbacks, the ability to make the transitions appear so seemless is a credit to both artists. Not once did it ever feels slapped together. Both styles were distinct enough to retain its own unique characteristics; conversely, both styles still seemed unified enough to convey an overall sense of cohesion. The level of difficulty to pull this off is very high, so color me impressed.

Savage is a bizarre series. It is a series that doesn’t explain how, nor does it ever attempt to explain the why. We don’t know why all of this is possible. I mean an interdimensional portal was literally framed by wood. What is that about? The kicker is that I still love this story. Savage is doing things that other books would not or could not attempt, and it does it well. I look forward to the next series. It may begin to answer the questions we all have…but probably won’t which will still be fine.


Savage #4
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