In Review: Secret Weapons #3

The Willows brigade finally gets a break in the case.

Synopsis: When last we met our miscellaneous bunch, Avichaln Malakar rejected the invitation to join Livewire and his former Willows residents in the hunt to find Rex-O. Avi was determined to continue his life as a normal college student without all of the dangers of being a psiot hero. Sadly, these hopes are dashed quickly by his fellow classmates and the local authorities. Forced to join Owen and Nikki to escape the corrupt law enforcement, Avi finally realizes that hiding in the open is no longer an option. Meanwhile, Livewire, with the help of @x, discovers the location of Rex-O and his evil controller, The Scavenger.

Review: The strength of Secret Weapons lies in the deliberate character development. Issue #3 slightly progresses the plot to the overall story arc, but the bulk of the issue follows Avi. This is important because his narration gives the reader insight. Insight as to why a person would risk death in order to recede into the background of the mundane. To Avi, who has stood out in american society as a Sikh, drawing attention to yourself only leads to more hardships and animosity. It is here that a critical rule of any kind of storytelling is followed. You have to show and not just tell. Seeing Avi having to deal with multiple kinds of prejudice helps put his words and actions in issue #2 into stark perspective.

The use of technology is unnoticeable whenever Livewire is present. Normally, there are gorgeous panels of her manipulating robots or machines to do her bidding, yet this is not what Secret Weapons aims for. Instead we get to see how photos and video can frame a viewer’s perception of events. The use of phones to surreptitiously monitor Avi, or the cops who purposely obscured their dash cam video are prime examples of this. The photos and videos only give an out of context snapshot that cannot take into account who Avi is as a person. They cannot capture his wants nor desires. They are meant to remove the viewer from the subject before you, and it makes the overall theme of the issue more prescient.

There is more to unravel in this tale about misfits, and while I would normally crave a faster pace in my psiot books, this slower pace is quite necessary and refreshing.

Secret Weapons #3
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