In Review: Secret Weapons #4

Harada's rejects revolt.

Synopsis: It has all led to this moment. Livewire has been captured, and it is up to her crew from The Willows to rescue her. Scavenger and Rex-O have proven to be a deadly duo. Our three not yet heroes face them nonetheless. The trio fight valiantly, but they suffer casualties of their own. Now is when our psiots unlock their true potential. Toyo Harada may have seen these young people as rejects, but they distinguish themselves as deadly secret weapons.

Review: Secret Weapons has been a series about preconceptions and rising above expectations. Independently, each of these young people have powers that aren’t as flashy as we have seen with their Renegades and Generation Zero counterparts. They have been thrown aside, and, at first, Livewire guides them through their perils. However, the final issue sees these three without the aid of their patron hero; it is thrilling! They may not be the most polished team to face a threat, but Nikki, Owen, and Avi all hold their own pretty evenly. Each of them rise to the occasion against Rex-O. The mistake Scavenger makes is the same one Harada did. Livewire is the embodiment of transcending the expectations of others. Her powers were stronger than even the reader gave Livewire credit for. She decimated Scavenger through ingenuity, intelligence, and tenacity. The Willows psiots do the same.

I love the duality of the art in Secret Weapons. It can pull of gorgeous pages like the one between Nikki & Owen after the big fight, yet it can also deliver energetic panels with pianos and giant tanks. You wouldn’t always expect this kind of versatility from a smaller and focused series. Once again, Secret Weapons is about overcoming expectations, and this was done spectacularly. By the by, the panel with Livewire laughing is a great beat in this book.

This isn’t the last we see these unlikelly heroes, and Valiant is better is for it.

Secret Weapons #4
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