In Review: See You Yesterday

Produced by Spike Lee 'See You Yesterday' blends science fiction with social commentary

Synopsis: Best friends CJ and Sebastian build a pair of time machines and use them in order to save the life of CJ’s brother.

Review: Directed by Stefon Bristol and produced by Spike Lee. ‘See You Yesterday’ blends real-life social issues such as Black Lives Matter with time travel to create a heartfelt story about how police brutality and use of excessive forces traumatizes a family.

The Story

Two best friends CJ and Sebastian have built a time machine and plan to enter it into a science fair, but when tragedy strikes. CJ with help from Sebastian attempt to use the time machine to save the life of her elder brother Calvin from being shot by a pair of police officers.

The Acting

The two young leads in this film are really good and you find yourself wanting them to succeed to a point where when you see them fail. It feels like a punch to the gut. Eden Duncan-Smith who plays CJ is instantly likable and you can’t help but want to be on her side throughout the film. Dante Crichlow is brilliant as the loyal best friend Sebastian.

I was also impressed with Astro who played CJ’s older brother Calvin. He shares some great scenes early on in the film with CJ, which establishes the sweet brother and sister relationship, which the entire film is based around saving.


‘See You Yesterday’ is a wonderful blend of ‘Back To The Future’ and films like ‘Do The Right Thing’. The perfect amount of time is spent establishing the characters to a point where you as the viewer form a bit of a relationship with them.

We even see a fun guest role for Michael J. Fox who plays CJ’s teacher.

Overall. This is a wonderful film, which doesn’t really conclude in a neat and tidy fashion. It’s a perfect blend of science fiction and social commentary, but it tells a good story without beating you over the head with the commentary.

This is definitely a movie I will likely rewatch at some future date and recommend to friends.

See You Yesterday
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