In Review: Serial Box: Black Widow: Bad Blood, Episode 3

The trail goes from hot to cold as the Black Widow hunts down an old friend from the Red Room.

Synopsis: The trail goes from hot to cold as the Black Widow hunts down an old friend from the Red Room.

Review: The third episode, “Bury Me Face Down,” by Margaret Dunlap picks up where the previous episode left off. There are no action set pieces, but Dunlap makes up for that with world-building and character beats.


Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner discuss the one clue she has to the identity of her attackers. This leads to a wonderful conversation about the possible reasons for the attack, which builds to my favorite line of dialogue in the episode: “If they included ‘because I was bored’ as a viable motive, the field of suspects was going to be unmanageable.”

As she and Banner work the problem, Natasha realizes that Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier, is likely the next target. What follows is a solid and concise bit of world-building for fans like me who are only familiar with the MCU. We learn how The Winter Soldier and The Black Widow intersected, as she tries to track him down.

Natasha travels to Barnes’ last known location, and Dunlap gives us some lovely local color, as we discover The Winter Soldier made a couple of connections. We also find out Natasha is having a harder time forgetting the friends she made during her recent undercover work. This makes the continued foreshadowing even more nerve-racking.


Sarah Natochenny continues to be excellent. Her work voicing an Albanian boy and a friend of The Black Widow’s most recent cover identity stands out.


Thank you to Margaret Dunlap and the rest of the Serial Box team for providing engaging storytelling, even in exposition filled transition episodes. I can’t wait to hear how all of the puzzle pieces fit together.


Serial Box: Black Widow: Bad Blood, Episode 3
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