In Review: Serial Box: Black Widow: Bad Blood, Episode 4

A canine informant, Albanian thugs, and a new twist in Romanoff’s search lead to old memories, but a missing Bucky Barnes.

Synopsis: A canine informant, Albanian thugs, and a new twist in Romanoff’s search lead to old memories, but a missing Bucky Barnes.

Review: “Sleep When I’m Dead” by Margaret Dunlap is another transition and set up installment. Natasha Romanoff dispatches local idiots and interprets a farther-flung clue.


Before we get an actual action scene, we get a forensic action scene, as Natasha retraces Bucky Barnes’ fight path through the wreckage of his home. Dunlap’s language and pacing in this section are perfect. The character beats centered around Natasha’s past with Barnes’ also continues to be well realized.

The fight that was becomes the farce that is, as Natasha wipes the floor with two local thugs after Barnes’ for their own reasons. I absolutely adored Natasha’s use of a squeaky toy against one of them, coupled with her marvelous commentary on shoe traction.

Once she’s dealt with those interruptions, Natasha gets a call from Bruce Banner following from the previous episode. It turns out blood isn’t the only thing being stolen. What’s more, Natasha discovers she misinterpreted a clue and must now reorient her search.


Sarah Natochenny continues to impress. She carries listeners through the action sequences, changing inflection, and tone fluidly throughout. The sarcasm and contempt she conveys in the aftermath of Natasha’s rout of the thugs are worth the price alone.

Natochenny’s ability to breathe life into extended exposition sequences is even more impressive, though. Banner’s dialogue and the realizations it leads to would be a complete snooze if not handled properly.


“Sleep When I’m Dead” is another well-structured, well-paced episode. I’m hooked, and I’m looking forward to escaping into The Black Widow’s adventures through the pandemic. Her competence is inspiring in these uncertain times.

You can purchase your own copy of Black Widow: Bad Blood here.

Serial Box: Black Widow: Bad Blood, Episode 4
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