In Review: Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #2

Sharkey and his sidekick are racing through space, hunting for Edra Deering—the terrorist fugitive with a huge bounty on her head.

Synopsis: Sharkey and his sidekick are racing through space, hunting for Edra Deering—the terrorist fugitive with a huge bounty on her head. But they’re not the only hunters with Edra in their sights, and the competition will stop at nothing to throw Sharkey’s mission off course.

Review: Sharkey: The Bounty Hunter continues to impress with some hilarious one-liners.

The Story

Picking up from where the last issue left off. Sharkey has taken up the task of tracking down Edra Deering. A terrorist with a huge payout if he is able to bring her in. Unfortunately for Sharkey. Being a childminder for Extra Billy is proving to be just as challenging as the bounty hunting.

Witch Extra Billy getting in his way and the fact that he is competing with other Bounty Hunters. We have to wonder how Sharkey will pull off catching Deering.


Simone Bianchi’s artwork continues to capture the spirit of films such as Star Wars and various other science fiction films but also channels a bit of the old fashioned spaghetti westerns.

The opening panel of an Ice Cream truck flying through space is an absolute hoot. And some of the panels later on in the issue where Sharkey meets Big H his former partner felt like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Perhaps Mark Millar should ask Bianchi to give his new Anti Hero a poncho and a huge cigar.


This comic continues to be a lot of fun and the dialogue between Sharkey and Extra Billy is outright hilarious and very realistic to what an actual kid would be like. Wanting to know how far they are from the space station after having only asked 2 minutes ago for example. The funniest is when Sharkey tells the kid to take a dump in a small box because he does not have a toilet on the ship.

This issue ends on a cliffhanger. Which pretty much guarantees that readers are going to want to come back for more.

Sharkey The Bounty Hunter #2
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