In Review: Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #6

Mother Forest is beset by a terrible plague that sickens the very jungle, but this deadly evil is not the only danger Sheena must face.

Synopsis: Mother Forest is beset by a terrible plague that sickens the very jungle, but this deadly evil is not the only danger Sheena must face. A ruthless huntress prowls the forest, seeking a girl with golden hair, and the mark of the Jaguar…

Review: Marguerite Bennett and Christina Trujillo return with a second story arc from their relaunch of Sheena Queen Of The Jungle.

Set a short time after the last adventure. Sheena is doing her jungle rounds when she discovers a mysterious rot, which is infecting the trees of mother forest. Where is it coming from and what is causing it are the first questions that spring to mind. Sheena is riddled with guilt about what she sees as a failure to protect the jungle and her people from the outsiders and feels obligated to find the cause of the rot in order to make amends.

Upon returning home. Sheena goes to her best friend Lirio who is an expert with plant life and has great knowledge of the forest. Lirio examines the rot and is mystified, but we soon learn that it is being spread by a mysterious figure that is hunting for Sheena.

Sent into the forest by the Chieftainess Cocha. Sheen with help from Lirio must find a way to stop the rot and out hunt the Huntress.

Overall. A very cool first issue in a new story that introduces us to some new characters from the tribe that Sheena lives with. The writing of the friendship between Lirio and Sheena is really well executed and the two share some really nice character moments.

As always the art from M.L. Sanapo is really nicely drawn and is complemented by some awesome color work. I particularly enjoyed the panels early on in the comic when Sheena was investigating the trees and talking to her Jaguar and a monkey.

The reveal on the final page, which introduces us to Huntress is worth the price of admission alone. I look forward to issue two.

Sheena: Queen Of The Jungle #6
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