In Review: Snowpiercer (S1 – E8) – These Are His Revolutions

Revolution has finally come as Layton leads the lower classes forward in armed rebellion.

Synopsis: Revolution has finally come as Layton leads the lower classes forward in armed rebellion; Melanie’s house of cards collapses.


The Story

Following through on Layton’s plan to expose Melanie’s secret to the train. Miles shows L.J. Folger the trains engine room and shows her proof that Mr. Wilfred is a none entity and it has been Melanie that was running things. Of course, L.J. does exactly what Layton predicted she would and tells everyone in First class, who demand that Melanie be arrested and executed.

Meanwhile, Layton sends word back to the tail section that they should prepare to take the train, which is when all hell breaks loose, but unlike their previous attempts. The tail section has a few allies in third class and thanks to Layton’s influence Bess Till has joined up with them. What ensues is a grisly affair in which both sides take heavy losses and find themselves having rethink strategies.

Elsewhere, Ruth feeling betrayed by Melanie’s deception confronts her and learns an awful truth about who it was that actually created the train.


The Acting

Timothy V. Murphy puts in an awesome performance this week as Commander Grey, who right away takes control of the situation when Melanie’s secret gets revealed. There’s a really telling moment where the Folger’s pretty much believe that they should have control of the train now that Melanie is out of the way. The look that Commander Grey gives upon hearing the Folger’s talk about having control of the train spoke volumes.

As you’d expect we get brilliant performances from both Jennifer Connelly and Daveed Diggs in their respective roles of Melanie and Layton. Connelly has a brilliant scene with Ruth where she pretty much reveals that the train was her creation all along. Mr. Wilfred was just a front to sell tickets. Meanwhile, Digg’s rabble-rousing speech to his tail section compatriots was delivered well.



This episode is the culmination of weeks of build-up. All the pressure that has been building finally gets released and it gets very, very bloody. The tailies are fighting armed military with improvised blunt force weapons. The fighting is very animalistic in execution.

By the end of the episode. We see both sides take losses and you find yourself wondering how much more these people can take. It’s not easy to watch.

Snowpiercer (S1 - E8) - These Are His Revolutions
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