In Review: Space Command

 Jack Kemmer rescues ex-archeologist Vonn O'Dara high above Mars, setting into motion a revolution that changes galactic history.

Synopsis: Jack Kemmer rescues ex-archeologist Vonn O’Dara high above Mars, setting into motion a revolution that changes galactic history.

Review: As many listeners of our podcast will already know. We’ve been fortunate enough to have interviewed writer and executive producer Marc Scott Zicree about ‘Space Command’ on two occasions. So it’s fair to say that we liked the concept and idea of the series before even seeing this first hour, which Zicree posted on his youtube channel on New Years Day.

We first heard of ‘Space Command’ very early on when Doug Drexler was involved and did our first interview with Zicree shortly after hearing about it.

So what did we think? Continue reading to find out. But be warned. I will try and make the following review as spoiler light as possible because there is a lot packed into this first hour.

The Story

This first episode introduces us to Jack Kemmer who is newly promoted after saving the life of former archeologist Vonn O’Dara who has been overseeing a digging operation on Mars, which is using a combination of human and synthetic labor.

Newly promoted to Captain. Kemmer is given command of the Paladin. A new state of the art spaceship. Only with this promotion Kemmer has taken over command from Captain Essex, which causes a little friction between her and Kemmer during the handover.

Things get interesting when one of the synths working at the mines on Mars is seriously damaged and gets repaired by Yusef Sekander. Who we later find out has been working with Vonn O’Dara.

The Acting

It’s fair to say that Marc Zicree has got a lot of friends from classic science fiction television such as Babylon Five and Star Trek because we see a lot of familiar faces in this pilot. Actors like Bill Mummy, Mira Furlan, and Robert Picardo to name just a few. And all play their roles superbly well.

Fans of Star Trek: Discovery will recognize Doug Jones who plays the main Synth character Dor Neven who has the distinction of being the prototype for the entire synth race.

All the actors play their parts really well, but Marc Zicree chose his leading actor well in Ethan McDowell who does a superb job of giving us a relatable Captain Jack Kemmer who somewhat put me in mind of a very young version of Babylon 5’s John Sheridon. Especially when he tells his bridge crew a story in order to ingratiate himself and earn their trust.


Some of the effects shots look a bit ropey, but Zicree explains at the start of the hour that it is still a work in progress and to be completely fair. There are only one or two instances where things don’t look as good as they could. One is the sequence where Jack is with his father in the car. But the dialogue and interplay between the two actors keep you invested.


‘Space Command’ is a fantastic achievement and I seriously hope that Zicree is successful in his efforts to sell this as a series. There is a lot of bleak science fiction on television at the moment. So it would be nice to have a more hopeful and optimistic style of science fiction on TV and that is what ‘Space Command’ succeeds in doing.

The first hour introduced us to a set of characters that we can get behind and care for. After this single hour I’m already wanting to know more about the synthetics and the human attitudes towards them. I am also wanting to learn more about Jack Kemmer and his military family background as well as where his view of the world differs from his father.

But most of all. I want to know more about the world of ‘Space Command’ and see how it all develops.

Zicree says in his intro that he has been meeting with various TV networks with it and has had a number of repeat meetings. So hopefully something will happen with this. Because I really enjoyed it. It puts me in mind of a cross between Star Trek, Babylon 5 and Dan Dare.


Space Command
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