In Review: Star Trek: Boldly Go #4

Spock is gone, taken by an enemy unlike any Captain Kirk and his crew have faced before.

Synopsis: Spock is gone, taken by an enemy unlike any Captain Kirk and his crew have faced before. War with the Romulan Empire is imminent. In the face of the ultimate no-win scenario, will the Federation survive?

Review: Mike Johnson successfully concludes his Kelvinverse Borg story and even manages to do something a little different along the way.

We get to see a little of the Borg assimilation process as they try repeatedly to convert Spock into one them, but the fact that he is a hybrid of a Human and Vulcan courses them quite a few problems.

Meanwhile James Kirk meets up with the Romulan’s and makes a deal that he winds up regretting. But the deal allows a combined attack of Romulan and Starfleet to defeat the Borg incursion, but with a little help from Spock who has managed to somehow escape their influence.

I really enjoyed how Mike Johnson used Spock and the stuff he did with the Borg trying to assimilate him, but also enjoyed the political wrangling that Kirk had to engage in in order to help the Romulan’s save their people.

Seeing a remorseful Kirk at the close of the issue harks back to the original series and gave the Kelvinverse version of Kirk more depth than we have seen displayed by him in the movies.

The art work by George Caltsoudas and Tony Shasteen continued to shine. I particularly enjoyed the flashback sequence to Spock’s dying mother and all the stuff that took place on the Borg ship.

As you recall. I initially complained about this being kind of a clone of ‘Best Of Both Worlds’, which it was. But I am happy to say that this final issue kind of changed the story significantly enough for it to be able to stand on its own. Especially given how Spock was used in the story.

Star Trek: Boldly Go #4
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