In Review: Star Trek: Discovery # 1

A fairly confident first issue. Not sure if am hooked though.

Synopsis: Warp into adventure with this new comic book series that ties into the new Star Trek television show premiering in late September on CBS All Access in the U.S., the Space channel in Canada and Netflix throughout the rest of the world! Details remain secretive so we can’t show you covers yet, but we can tell you that you won’t want to miss this very special KLINGON-centric series. Be prepared for action, adventure, and Star Trek at its best!

Review: Written by Mike Johnson and Kirsten Beyer who also writes for the show as well as executive produces. Star Trek: Discovery’s first comic book story arc focuses very much on the Klingon’s and T’Kumva’s backstory. Which is pretty cool given that he was pretty much killed before we learned about his journey to where he is at at the beginning of the series.

The issue starts after T’Kumva’s death and sees Voq trying to assert his place as the new commander. He speaks of his doubts to L’Rell who tells Voq the story of how T’Kumva came to be in command of the Ship and thus earned the respect of other Klingons.

During the process of this first issue, we get to meet T’Kumva’s family and learn how he discovered the ship and how he helped his older sister, the original commander of the ship rebuild and help set the Klingon people on the right path.

The issue closes as T’Kumva starts to learn and study on Boreth.

The artwork by Tony Shasteen is fairly consistent with the new look of the Klingon’s we have seen thus far on the series. His likeness of L’Rel was pretty good as was his rendering of the Ship Of The Dead.

As far as the story goes. This first issue was interesting for its introduction to T’Kumva’s backstory and proved a good insight into what life is like for the Klingon’s of this time. It does drag a little though. And I’m not sure if making this story exclusively about the Klingon’s and T’Kumva is a compelling enough story to keep me hooked. I’d like to have seen where the Federation characters were at this point in time. Maybe some insight into Burnham’s time in prison as well as Saru’s settling in on a new ship while working under a new commander.

Overall. A fairly confident first issue. Not sure if am hooked though.

Star Trek: Discovery #1
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