In Review: Star Trek: Discovery: Aftermath #3

You saw the stunning conclusion of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery—now prepare yourselves for the ending of the Aftermath!

Synopsis: You saw the stunning conclusion of the second season of Star Trek: Discovery—now prepare yourselves for the ending of the Aftermath! With the fragile peace between the Klingons and the Federation hanging by a thread, Spock, Captain Pike, and Chancellor L’Rell make a last stand against the forces threatening to ignite a new galactic war!

Review: This final issue wraps things up nicely, but also leaves enough scope to carry things forward should IDW decide to do an ongoing series.

The Story

Picking the story up from last month. The peace conference has broken down thanks to sabotage from a group of Klingons that are seeking to get rid of Chancellor L’Rell. Meanwhile, Spock has set about getting an injured Captain Pike to safety, but upon arriving at a safe zone. Pike orders Spock to save L’Rell.

L’Rell is being held hostage by a group of Klingons that have taken over her ship and things are not looking good, but the moment has been prepared for.

The Artwork

For the most part. The artwork is serviceable in this issue except for a bit of inconsistency when it comes to Captain Pike. The location work and the drawings of the ships and such are great, but it is let down somewhat by Pike not really looking as much like Anson Mount as he should probably do. Artist Tony Shasteen has it pretty much nailed with most of the other characters. His drawings of L’Rell are really consistent. Same with Spock, but for some reason, Pike’s likeness to the character we saw on the TV show was a bit varied.


Kirsten Beyer and Mike Johnson crafted a pretty solid story. However, I think it could have potentially run for another issue in that it felt a little short.

I’d have liked to have seen a little more work done with the faction of Klingons that were looking to unseat L’Rell. Exploring some more of Kor’s family and his connection to the conspiracy, because it is pretty obvious that he has some involvement. Either directly or indirectly.

Despite those issues though. This was well worth a read and a solid continuation from where the second season of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ left off.

Star Trek: Discovery: Aftermath #3
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