To move against the Empire, the Mandalorian needs the help of an old enemy.

Synopsis: In The Believer. To move against the Empire, the Mandalorian needs the help of an old enemy.


The Story

Picking the story up from last week. Din Djarin has now got the help of Boba Fett and Fennec Shand. Joined by Cara Dune. The group sets about getting custody of the criminal Mayfeld so he can help them get the location of Moff Gideon.

First, in order to get the information they need. The group needs to infiltrate an imperial refinery so Mayfield can access an imperial terminal using his old ID to access the information they need. But this is no easy task.


The Acting

Bill Burr returns as Mayfield and gets to add a couple of extra layers to the character. In a sense, this episode is about Mayfield’s redemption. As we learn the reasons why Mayfield left the services of the Empire. In short, he was never a true believer in the Empire.

The scenes between Burr and Pedro Pascal are fantastic fun. Obviously, the two have a difficult history, but this sees Mayfield revealing some of his past to Din Djarin. In short, the two find that they do have some common ground between them. Although much is unspoken on the part of Din Djarin.


Cara Dune and Fennec Shand make for a formidable duo


We also get solid performances from Temuera Morrison, Ming-Na Wen, and Gina Carano. Who all have their tasks to perform on the mission. Subsequently, we get some very cool scenes of Cara Dune and Fennec Shand proving their worth as hotshot snipers. While Boba Fett oozes the cool factor as he pilots Slave 1.



This was a wonderful linking episode, which provides some great build-up for the season finale, which will drop next week. Moreover, it provided some great backstory for Mayfield and leaves things open for him to make a return.

The episode is packed with action. Of particular note are the scenes where Din Djarin battles several groups of pirates that are interfering with their mission to infiltrate the refinery. The banter between Mayfield and Din Djarin was lots of fun. Especially the moment where Mayfield quizzes Din Djarin about why he refuses to remove his helmet.

The final scene where Din Djarin sends a message to Moff Gideon really sets the stage for what will likely be an epic season finale.

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