In Review: Stargirl (S1 – Ep8) – Shiv Part 2

After Courtney gets herself into some trouble following an unexpected confrontation, Yolanda and the others go off on a little recon mission. 

Synopsis: After Courtney gets herself into some trouble following an unexpected confrontation, Yolanda and the others go off on a little recon mission.


The Story

After having taken a pretty nasty beating from Shiv aka Cindy Burman in last week’s episode. Pat must come up with a cover story in order to protect Courtney’s secret from her mother. So he stages a fake car accident and claims that he was teaching Courtney to drive and she lost control behind the wheel. Pat is not comfortable with having to lie to Barbara and wants to come clean, but Courtney ultimately talks him out of it.

Meanwhile, Cindy takes some heat from her father Dragon King for having taken her supervillain suit and engaged Stargirl before getting his say so. Cindy is pissed off with being held back and goes off to visit Courtney in order to tell her that she knows that she is Stargirl.

Elsewhere, Pat intervenes when Yolanda, Beth, and Rick attempt a little recon at Cindy’s home to find out more about her. Unfortunately, Pat is moments too late and winds up being sucked into the plan when he and Beth score an invite into Cindy’s home from Bobbie Burman.


The Acting

We get some pretty solid performances this week. Luke Wilson and Anjelika Washington prove to be a brilliant comedy double act as Pat and Beth aka Dr. Mid-Nite get invited into Dragon King and Cindy Burman’s home by Bobbie Burman, who right away takes advantage of Pat’s technical abilities by having him fix some plumbing, which allows Beth to do her thing. The scene where Pat says Beth is his adopted daughter is hilarious given how unconvincing it is.

We also get a great performance from Jake Austin Walker as Henry King Jr whose powers are awakening and do so just as Shiv attempts to strike a deadly blow.



A solid episode in which we get a nice balance of drama, comedy, and action. The comedy beats between Pat and Beth play as a great counterweight to the intensity of the situation that they all find themselves in. Especially given that they all know that Cindy knows about Courtney’s extracurricular activities as Stargirl. We get another epic throwdown between Stargirl and Shiv, which ends rather differently to how it went last week. It will be interesting to see how things change for Stargirl and her team in next week’s installment.

Stargirl (S1 - Ep8) - Shiv Part 2
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