In Review: Supergirl: Alex

When Alex is kidnapped, Supergirl and Maggie must work together to save her.

Synopsis: When Alex is kidnapped, Supergirl and Maggie must work together to save her.

Review: This episode sees Supergirl and Maggie having to get past their issues with each other in order to Alex from an obsessed villain. The bad guys plan is to hold Alex as leverage to try and force Supergirl into breaking is adopted father out of jail.

What makes this a little more interesting is the fact that the villain was a school friend of Alex and Kara. And actually seen Kara use her superpowers to save Alex from a bus crash when they were in school.

Much of the drama was about Supergirl and Maggie having to work together to save the woman that they both love.

There was a pretty good speech about firsts from Maggie when she was motivating Alex to stay strong.

But rest of the episode. was basically soap opera in its approach.

Also we get to see Lena working with Rhea, but she pretty much rumbles Rhea part way through the story, which forces Rhea to take the honesty tack, but be economical with the truth and not mention her grudge against Supergirl.

It will be good to see how the thing with Rhea and Lena plays out as the story moves forward in the few weeks that remain of the second season. Added to which, it be fun to watch the acting chemistry between Teri Hatcher and Katie McGrath evolve.

This episode was okay, but it felt a little to much like filler to me.

I didn’t really feel that Supergirl was challenged at any point during the story. It was pretty obvious that she would save Alex by the close of the story and how that happened felt a little anticlimactic.

We really need to have something a little more threatening to Alex and Supergirl in the coming weeks to make us care again.

Despite the few good points. I actually found this episode kind of dull.

Supergirl - Alex
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